Sheet Metal Siding

Unique, multi-purpose siding ideal for the home, barn, shed or storage building.

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Sheet Metal Siding

Need siding that’s fire resistant and weather resistant while looking good? It doesn’t get any easier than sheet metal siding. This unique, multi-purpose siding is ideal for the home, barn, shed or storage building. Now that detached buildings are becoming more popular in Sacramento and the Bay Area, there’s never been a better time to consider all of the benefits of sheet metal siding.

Fast Installation!

Metal siding installs quickly, making it great for a variety of multi-purpose applications. Many homeowners in Sacramento and the Bay Area choose metal siding for their garage, outdoor building, storage building, shed, and much more. Because it’s metal, it won’t rot and you won’t have to deal with common pests like termites or woodpeckers.

Plus metal siding is made from 67% recycled materials and is a 100% renewable resource. It can be customized with a finish that prevents the metal from peeling, chalking or fading, meaning that your metal siding can last for anywhere from 20-50 years with proper upkeep and maintenance. Enjoy a wide range of colors to choose from with siding that looks great whether installed horizontally or vertically!

High Quality Construction

Clean, high quality structural steel makes metal siding a top choice for its rugged dependability. Made to perform and resist the elements, there’s no option that’s more affordable while still maintaining a crisp, seamless look.

To learn more about having sheet metal siding installed on your building, barn, shed, or any other structure, give Blyss Construction a call today or request a free, no obligation estimate from our website form. We’ll take the time to better understand your needs as explain the many different varieties of sheet metal siding available to help create a look you’re sure to love!

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Blyss Construction rated 4.6/5
based on 98 reviews.
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